Monday, September 25, 2017

The Best Stock Resources Tips is a very useful and easy to use message board for stocks. This website has a user friendly mobile app interface, with easy access to information. has lots of visitors, and the number of watchers for a stock is updated in real time. The site is also used mostly by millennials, allowing younger traders to get involved in the market. I recommend using this website to find new information, and gather investor sentiment towards a stock. Other investors and companies post new articles and stock information, on this site as well. Also, each stock has a chart displaying investor sentiment towards the stock, and whether or not the stock is bullish, or bearish. A stock that is bullish is on the verge of a potential breakout, and bearish means there is less interest in the stock.

This website will teach you how to read charts, and to look for specific trends and patterns. Users are granted this ability because for every stock quote, the website also gives chart analysis, including graph patterns and trends. It shows whether or not a stock is in real time bullish or bearish mode. This is a great website for day trading, because the information is accurate and also tells you when to buy or sell, depending on the time of day accurate to the last 5 minutes.

Stock Example: Apple (AAPL)

E-Trade’s easy to use and attractive trading platform, makes it one of the best, in terms of organization and simplicity. E-Trade’s flagship service is its research and news analysis. I recommend using this website to get facts and statistics on the company’s business breakdown, earnings reports, surprise amounts, and insider activity. The website provides a wide range of price targets, provided by multiple credible firms. The images below are of Apple’s earnings and insider trading reports. and Mad Money with Jim Cramer

The website is great for news if you want information on the market as a whole, and even globally. Learning about the global markets is also very important, as this also reflects into the company’s stock price. Jim Cramer may be an entertainer, but he also doubles as a successful hedge fund investor. He has a show called Mad Money, in which he recaps the market daily. His show does an excellent job of explaining opportunities in the market. Jim Cramer does not only go over specific stocks and industries, but also mentions commodities such as gold and oil often. This gives investors another great opportunity to invest in something new. Commodities are on track to rebound for 2017, making it one of the best investments currently. I recommend ConocoPhillips (COP) for oil and Yamana Gold (AUY) for gold. Check out my other article on day trading and short term recommendations for details.

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