Monday, September 25, 2017

Day Trading & Short Term Trading Recommendations

Mannkind Corp (MNKD): This is a stock to look out for and is being heavily shorted right now. Mannkind Corp. makes an inhaler for insulin that can be used by diabetic patients that is called Alfrezza. The company posts solid earnings each quarter and is on track to beat earnings again. This company’s stock price has gone down as it made bad decisions with marketing its new innovation. The company’s stock price is currently hovering around $0.70. This stock is fluctuating on company news and partnerships. The company was recently struggling in cash flow but at its last conference on January 12, 2017 it announced that it has no cash flow issues. Since then, the stock has been increasing, and investors are looking at this as a positive sign for the company. The company has a lot of potential to grow. Afrezza is only averaging under 300 scripts a week and is projected to do better; the inhaler is a better alternative to carrying around syringes, and insulin shots are a lot more inconvenient than an insulin inhaler. However, the stock is risky because the company is still fairly small and would need a good amount of exposure before it could expand. But with more risk, comes more reward. The future for Mannkind Corp. looks bright, and it is a good investment for both short term and long term.

Yamana Gold (AUY): This stock is also being heavily shorted due to the high volatility in gold. The company specializes in one product, gold. The stock price is very cheap and is around $3 per share. The stock rises when gold rises and vice versa. Commodities including gold are projected to be hot in 2017. As a result, Yamana Gold would be a good trade both in the short term and in the long term because gold prices are expected to rebound fairly soon.

Conocophillips (COP): This stock is facing heavy volatility in the short term, but in the long term it is projected to rise due to rising gas prices for 2017. OPEC signed an agreement limiting the production for the oil countries, which artificially increases the oil prices. Conocophillips is a US shale oil company that gives out a strong dividend of 1.98% and is a great company for growth. The volatility of oil prices is currently high, meaning the stock price of Conocophillips is also highly volatile. This is a great stock to short as it rises and falls at high percentages and at the same time is a safe stock in the long term. Oil prices are currently about $52 a barrel and are projected to rise to $60-70 a barrel for 2017.

Twilio Inc (TWLO): Twilio is a stock that is heavily shorted and is highly volatile currently. The stock rises and declines by higher percentages than most stocks, which make it perfect for day trading and short term trading. The stock currently stands at around $27 per share, but multiple analysts have a Buy rating on the stock with a $35-40 price target. The company went IPO last year and since then it has been growing rapidly. The company offers cloud and IT services; it is expanding its client base. The long term outlook for this company is extremely positive; this depicts less volatility in the long run, but high volatility in the short term due to the company still gaining traction.

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